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Company Background
ATC began in 1999 with a focus on being a premier service provider throughout the greater Puget Sound region in Western Washington. Through the years ATC grew from a Cleanroom and Access Floor company into a full service General Contractor winning several Navy, VA, and USCG MATOC’s. In 2012, ATC changed ownership and began to streamline and grow further, expanding its expertise, capabilities, and personnel enabling us to compete and complete many complex and difficult project all along the West Coast. 


                            It is a top management priority to promote a Safety Culture from upper Management down to our field employees, emphasizing Zero tolerance for unsafe work practices. Timely safety training, ongoing inspections and firm safety rules support this goal. Each person is held accountable for their action or inaction in regard to accident prevention. The supervisors and management will be held accountable to Advanced Technology Construction’s President, Dennis Farrow, and shall answer directly to him for all violations by any employee they supervise, or any negligence on their part. We have been accident free since 2014 with a current EMR of .7500. It is important to note that ATC’s EMR has dropped steadily since our ownership change in 2011, and that we have had no time-loss accidents at all in 2015 or 2016 to date. This clearly illustrates ATC’s dedication to safety from laborer to the company’s President and our continuing focus on ensuring a productive and safe workplace.

$25 Million (single) - $50 Million (aggregate)

Primary NAICS Codes

236220 -- Commercial and Institutional Building                                                    Construction

236210 -- Industrial Building Construction

Secondary NAICS Codes

237110 -- Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures                                  Construction

237120 -- Oil and Gas Pipeline and Related Structures                                      Construction

237130 -- Power and Communication Line and Related                                    Structures Construction

237310 -- Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction

237990 -- Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

221310 -- Water Supply and Irrigation Systems

321992 -- Prefabricated Wood Building Manufacturing

332311 -- Prefabricated Metal Building and Component                                  Manufacturing

335313 -- Switchgear and Switchboard Apparatus                                              Manufacturing

335999 -- All Other Miscellaneous Electrical Equipment and                            Component Manufacturing

423390 -- Other Construction Material Merchant                                                  Wholesalers

561621 -- Security Systems Services (except Locksmiths)

562910 -- Remediation Services

ATC works in multiple states running
20-30 jobs concurrently at any given time. We have a large subcontractor base representing all divisions of work.

VA663 Renovate Morgue                                     
MCRC Yakima                                                        
VA663 Renovate 6E 
Navy Replace Culvert  
USCG Charleston Housing M&R
P-245 EA-18G Flight Simulator Facility, NAS Whidbey
USCG Exterior Painting 3
USCG Building 3 Welding Shops Ventilation Repair 
Install and Replace HVAC System in Hanger at Air Station 
JBLM Brew Pub Renovations  
Navy Used Oil Tank Cleaning 
Navy MWR Recreation Center Renovation at NBK Bremerton 

$ 2.2 Million
$ 13.7 Million 
$ 3.1 Million 
$ 6 Million 
$ 1 Million
$ 6 Million
$ 400 Thousand
$ 450 Thousand
$ 1 Million
$ 500 Thousand
$ 80 Thousand 
$ 1 Million


ATC Staff


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